Speaking & Writing

Amy Deschenes at the front of a classroom describing four personas developed for the Harvard Library website.
Speaking about how I developed personas for library.harvard.edu at the Harvard IT Summit

A Web Accessibility Audit is Easier with Teams

Designing for Digital, 2020

Techniques for Creating Engaging Web Content

Harvard Library Learns 2019

Web Accessibility 101 Workshop

WeCode 2019

Redesigning Harvard Library’s Website with User Research at Every Step

Library Assessment Conference 2018

Presentation notes | Full paper

Beyond WCAG: Making Websites Usable for People with Disabilities

TalkUX 2018

Including People with Disabilities in User Testing

edUI 2018

Presentation notes

Build the right thing, Build the thing right

Harvard IT Summit 2018

Making Our Navigation Useful & Usable

Harvard Library News

Test Festivus for the Rest of Us

edUI 2016

Assessing the In-Person Experience with Microfeedback

Library Assessment Conference 2016

Free Technology for Libraries

Rowan, 2015

Improving the Library Homepage through User Research – Without a Total Redesign

Weave Journal of Library UX, Volume 1 Issue 1. 2014.

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