UX Project Highlights

Below are a selection of recent research projects I’ve managed. Artifacts are available on request.

Measuring and innovating  library search

Lead an initiative to benchmark satisfaction and usability with online library search. This research project included:

  • Using the SUPR-Q survey model to collect feedback from over 800 users
  • Conducting design thinking sessions with students on the future of library search
  • Interviewing faculty power users on habits and pain points.

The data was used to identify gaps in the current search system and gather ideas for potential new features.

Co-creating journey maps with students on their experience during COVID-19

I lead a project to interview and co-create journey maps with students about their experience with remote learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the research the libraries learned how to adapt services for online learning and optimize communication strategies.

Designing & prototyping a digital collections platform

Through work with digital strategy and imaging teams, I created wire frames and interactive mock-ups to test user needs and desires when using digital objects from the library. UX research activities included:

  • Creating wire frames based on collaborative staff “sketching” sessions.
  • Building and testing interactive prototypes using Sketch to determine user interface and interactions for digital objects.
  • Designing the end-to-end interaction experience for user accounts, including saving favorites and creating lists.

Harvard Library Website Redesign

View my research portfolio to learn how about my extensive research as the UX lead for the Harvard Library web team.